Have sex in a panda suit to save the pandas!

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HOUSTON -- Quick question-- ever seen the beauty of two pandas making love? No? That`s because it doesn't happen!

Giant pandas would rather eat and sleep their lives away than knock boots with their partner, especially in captivity. Pandas don`t mess around, literally.

Now, zoologists are turning to “Panda Porn” to spark the flame and keep the big furry lugs from going extinct. Problem is, if pandas don`t get horny, there`s not enough panda smut to go around!

That`s where pornhub.com comes in. The porn site wants panda enthusiasts, or anyone really, to throw on some panda gear and film themselves getting jiggy with it, since apparently these overstuffed lovers can't tell the difference between human and panda pandering.

For every bear down get-down, the site`s donating $100 to panda preservation charities with additional deposits for racking up the most views by April 16.

So, will you get it on already? Do it for the pandas!