3 wooden boxes with human ashes wash up to Texas man’s house

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TIKI ISLAND, Texas — The quiet community of Tiki Island, which sits north of the Galveston Bridge, received quite the shock when three wooden boxes of human ashes washed ashore.

The boxes were found by a nearby resident.

"These boxes floated up one after another," Joe Morgan said.

The authorities have been calm about the situation.

“It was not a crime scene or anything to be alarmed about. It was a typical homecoming from members who decided to cremate their loved ones and put them into the ocean,” a spokesperson with the Tiki Island Police Department said.


The next step was to see how typical the discovery actually was.

“Urns wash up on the beach regularly, but three at one guys house and in those style of boxes, it's pretty strange,” a staffer at a local funeral home said.

Till someone comes forward to claim their loved ones, the final resting place for the three women will remain a mystery.