Shocking secret informant revealed in murder-for-hire case

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HOUSTON — Houston's notorious River Oaks murder-for-hire case has taken another unexpected turn.

"We're very upset as a family that Mike was exposed," attorney Paul Kubosh announced.

It has been revealed that the informant who brought the case to police is none other than Houston City Council member Michael Kubosh. The councilman also handles bonds for the Harris County jail system and handled the bond for defendant Leon Jacob in his initial stalking case against the suspect's ex-girlfriend.

Jacob and veterinarian Valerie McDaniel were both charged with a murder-for-hire plot against their exes. In late March, McDaniel leapt to her death from the 7th floor of her River Oaks high-rise apartment building while out on bail.

Paul Kubosh said he became alarmed when Jacob came to see him and demanded the phone number of a guy named 'Zak.'

"I knew this was serious by the way he talked to me and by the way he acted," Michael Kubosh said. "He said, 'you know who Zak is. I want his number. I've already paid him to take care of this matter. I want this girl out of the picture. I don't want her to testify against me, and I've paid him a lot of money.'"

Michael Kubosh later figured out that 'Zak' was another bail client of his who told police about Jacob.

"I've been in business for 20-something years, and I have never felt the way that man made me feel in my office," Michael Kubosh said.

It wasn't until a recent court hearing that Michael Kubosh was outed in court.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office Special Bureau Capt. Jim Turpin confessed the information came from Michael Kubosh while being questioned by prosecutors.

"We have seen the DA's office and the police take better care of drug dealers who are confidential informants to keep their ID secret and there was no attempt to keep Michael Kubosh's ID secret at all," Paul Kubosh said.

While Jacob sits behinds bars, the councilman now wishes to have no further ties with the case.

"It kind of jolted me that my name was brought up in a murder for hire case," Michael Kubosh said. "I've taken an oath of office to protect and defend the citizens of this city, and I feel good about having done that."