Swarm of bees fall on woman during hive removal

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A homeowner in Oklahoma emerged un-stung from an encounter with a hive full of bees in her front yard.

April Collins noticed the beehive hanging outside her home in the village last week and finally called for backup.  Ron, a local beekeeper, came to help cut down the hive from her tree.

Video of them removing the hive went viral. It shows the moment Ron shook the branch causing bees to rush out of the hive and pour over Collins’ head.

She says she didn’t get stung, but the beekeeper wasn’t so lucky.

“I did get at least three stings this morning – that’s the way it goes,” the beekeeper said. “Usually bees swarming like this are looking for a new home. They’re not necessarily aggressive like if you got into their hive.”

Ron took the branch and hive, placed it into a box and drove it away from April’s property.

“About a 1/3 or more of our food depends on pollinization by bees,” Ron said. “I take them home I put them in my backyard.”

“We have got to save these bees. They’re vital,” Collins said.