Dead alligator shows up on Snap Chat in Florida college dorm room

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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Some students at Florida Gulf Coast University received quite a scare when they saw who was sleeping in their dorm room.

"It was pretty scary," one student remarked after seeing cops show up at his dorm. "We didn't actually know what was going on."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission actually sent out an officer to investigate and remove the reptile.

Turns out the poor gator was the victim of road kill.

The pranksters who found him on the side of the road decided to haul him back to campus and place him in a dorm room bed.

"Definitely gross. I mean, I don't know what would ever possess them to do that," a student said.

The school handed out warnings to three students involved, for possession of an alligator without proper permits.