Marvel fires X-Men comic book artist for controversial images

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HOUSTON-- Marvel Comics has fired one of its X-Men artists after discovering controversial images hidden in plain sight.

Indonesian illustrator Ardian Syaf is accused of placing religious references inside the X-Men Gold #1.

The images were aimed at Jakarta's Christian Governor Basuki Purnama, who has sparked several large scale protests.

The number 212 references a large December 2 protest, known as the 212 protest.

An image of X-Men Colossus wearing a shirt reading "Q-S 5:5"  was also placed in the comic. This image refers to a Quran passage, which warns against taking Jews and Christians as allies.

The controversy has drawn the attention of comic collectors and the issue is already listed on eBay for four times the retail price.

Marvel confirmed on Tuesday, that they have given the artist the ax, but that issues #2 and #3 have already been printed and will still be shipped out.

Syaf's responded to the comics announcement in a Facebook post, stating "My career is now over."

Fans have responded to Syaf and his choice to push his agenda on social media.