Unemployable??? Read this book and learn how to turn four figures into 10 figures!

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HOUSTON -- How do you turn four figures into 10 figures?! Ha ha, don't look at us!

NewsFix caught up with David Thomas Roberts, author of the book "Unemployable," who helped us make sense of it all.

Roberts started his own company, Teligistics, 35 years ago. Now, it is the "leading telecom financial management company in the nation."

In the book, the entrepreneur shares how he turned $1,000 into a $20 billion market.

Roberts says starting one's own business is much easier in this day and age.

"With technology you can literally run a worldwide business from your dining room table," he said.

'Unemployable' shares the basic principles of starting a successful business, so anyone who wants to take the plunge can find the motivation to do so.

Now, the Texas businessman is sharing his entrepreneurial successes and failures for those wanting to learn how be their own boss.

"I think a lot of the fears associated with starting your own business is your gonna break away from starting your own paycheck," Roberts said.

"For most people, the best idea is to start your business part-time, with something that you either enjoy or that you're interested in. If you can make money from that business and have that eventually supplement and take the place of your permanent paycheck, then that's the best option. It relieves the pressure of the risk associated with it," he explained.

But do not think making stacks comes easy.

"I don't know a single entrepreneur whose had success that didn't go through failures," Roberts said.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy of 'Unemployable' and take control of your destination.

Do not be afraid of a few failures; they might eventually lead you to the big bucks!