Attorney for InfoWars founder claims his over-the-top client is just playing a character

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AUSTIN, Texas-- Provocative Right Wing radio host and InfoWars founder Alex Jones is known for stirring the pot with outrageous conspiracy theories. Now his attorney claims the outspoken commentator has just been playing a character when making his outlandish claims.

Basically, Jones attorney said his client is not really a nut, but he plays one on TV.

Jones is in a nasty custody battle for his kids, so his wife has plenty of ammunition to draw from for her claim that Jones is unstable and a danger to their children.

With his shouting and crying and other emotional antics, it's easy to see where Jones wife is coming from.

So, is it all an act or is Jones really coming apart at the seams?

An Austin jury gets to decide that, but there's no shortage of critics who hope he crashes and burns.

The father of a six-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim said Jones has done nothing but pour salt in his wounds with outrageous conspiracy claims about the shooting.

If Jones loses custody of his kids some may wonder where his next conspiracy theory will come from?

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