Coffee that won’t stain your teeth

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LONDON-- A new kind of coffee will have you changing the way you second guessing your morning cup of java.

Introducing clear coffee, the first colorless coffee beverage in the world.

Created by two Slovakian brothers based in London, the main appeal seems to be that it won't stain your teeth like traditional coffee.

Hashtags "white smile" and "white teeth" are popular on the company's Instagram account.

So how is it made, and more importantly, how does it taste?

The company says it uses methods never used before, and it contains only arabica coffee and water. Staffers at a UK magazine tried it and one said it tasted like the water used to wash out the pot of coffee the next day. Others called it odd but not unpleasant, even a couple of no coffee drinkers coffee said they'd drink it.

It sounds like just really weak joe. Maybe that's why the company actually adds caffeine after the brewing process.

The drink is on sale in the UK where it costs more than $3 for a 200 milliliter bottle.

So the one problem with coffee they still haven't solved?

The high price tag.

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