Inside Story: World’s worst dog right here in Houston

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HOUSTON-- The worst dog in Houston has officially been announced.

8-year-old- Waffles has claimed the worst dog title by Houstonia Magazine.

“She's pretty awful, she acts out when she is unhappy. She communicates through pooping on your pillow in the middle of the day when you’re gone, or waking up in the middle of the day to pee on you. She hates all of my friends and hates everyone that comes over here,” owner Katharine Schilcutt said.

Current mood

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A few other funny things to know about Waffles, she hates regular pet toys and only eats one kind of treat.

When it comes to food the trashier the better.

Despite Waffle's awful demeanor the angry pooch has garnered quite a following on Instagram.

Waffles says, "Happy first day of spring, y'all."

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Maybe there's hope afterall.