Man who lost wallet has drinking contest named after him

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ENGLAND-- It's pretty easy to lose track of things when you're drunk, but sometimes those alcohol-fueled accidents can turn out to be some of your best stories. Just ask English journalist Tim Burrows, who had a few too many, lost his wallet and subsequently had a drinking competition named in his honor.

Here's how the story goes. Back in 2003 Burrows lost his wallet at a festival in Reading, England. The guys who found his wallet eventually turned it into the festival organizers, but not before they pocketed £10 and used it to buy cider. However, the guys later felt so bad about taking the money that they put together a chugging contest in Burrows' name, which they knew from his license. So the Timothy Burrows Challenge was born and before long it became an annual tradition.

The rules of the contest are simple enough. Teams of 5 people are each given 3 liters of cider and whichever team downs it the fastest is declared the winner. Apparently at the first competition one of the teams took the crown in less than five minutes and one of the team captains spent the whole night rolled up in a carpet.

Burrows didn't have any idea any of this was going on until this week, when one of the guys who found the wallet contacted him. Seems he'd been sending messages to all of the Timothy Burrows on Facebook trying to find the one that he and his friends had taken the money from.