Woman’s photo from the 60s, spitting image of Scarlett Johansson

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TULSA, Okla-- Scarlett Johansson has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, but a newly uncovered photo may reveal that it's not so uncommon.

A Redditt user named Denverjoel posted a photo that he claims is a picture of his grandmother from back in the day. The internet soon caught hold of the photo and went nuts, saying how much grandma looks like Scarlett Johansson.

The post said that the picture was taken in 1967 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even the man in the photo started drawing comparisons from people suggesting that he could pass for actors Nicholas Cage or Shia Lebouf.

Grandma gave a very short and sweet answer when asked about the photo.

"Oh that picture? I was drunk as a skunk," said grandma.

So now that ScarJo has found her doppelganger, we just need to see a photo of present day grandma, then we can get a glimpse of what Johansson will look like in a few decades.