Can Cell Phone really cause brain tumors?

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HOUSTON-- It is a well known myth that radiation due to cell phones may be hazardous to your health.

A Judge in Italy thinks so. A telecommunications worker got himself paid when a brain tumor developed causing him to lose hearing in one ear. The court decided that excess brain growth was the direct result of the worker being on his phone for 3 hours a day over the last 15 years.

Problem is, there's no real medical evidence to back up the claim.

Rice University's Electrical Computer Engineering Department the same type of rf radiation that's in your car radio or Bluetooth headphones and phones produce such small amounts in such large waveforms that it can't do any real damage to our bodies.

“Radiofrequency energy does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer, and explains that the only biological effects is tissue heating of the ear," said

If you're worried about it, simply hold the phone further away from your ear when you talk. Then again, who actually talks on the phone anymore.

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