VIDEO: Houston discount store employees fight over who’ll go to lunch first

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HOUSTON — Woah! It looks like a Houston 99 Cents Only store has 99 problems— and keeping their employees in check is definitely one!

A bloody fight between two cashiers at a local 99 Cents Only Store is causing locals to think twice about taking their pennies to the location.

Leonardo Balderas, the guy who caught all the crazy action on his cellphone, said he was taking his mom shopping Thursday night when a fight brok out between two female cashiers. He said staffer were arguing over who would take their lunch break first.

Balderas said he heard one of the women tell the other "you ain't going nowhere b****."

"The bigger lady told her, I'm going to show you a b****. She ran across the cashier and started doing her thing; and I was there and started recording,"  Balderas said.

To top it off, Balderas said it was customers not employees trying to help break up the fight.

At one point, a mother with her baby even attempted to calm down the heated co-workers.

Once the violence started escalating, an employee finally stepped in. Shoppers were not feeling the customer service.

"They just couldn't believe two cashiers were actually fighting each other, over about who is gonna take their break" Balderas said.

Comments on social media hint the feud may have been building up over time.

"The mother actually commented and said that it had been going on for weeks, and the management had refused to do anything about it," Balderas explained.

After sharing the video, Balderas is hoping it will inspire managers to listen to their employees more often.

"That's what happens when management refused to believe their employees," Balderas said. "It can be prevented and solved in a proper manner, not in a manner like this."

NewsFix tried reaching out the the 99 Cents Only Store, and have yet to hear back.

Balderas says a regional manager contacted him. "He called me a few hours after the incident, asking a money proposal for me to delete the video. But he has yet to get back to me since Thursday."

It was a deal breaker for Balderas; he believes the store should publicly apologize to all of its customers. "I will not step my foot in there whatsoever" he says.