Federal judge blocks the Trump administration from withholding funds for sanctuary cities

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WASHINGTON- President Trump's immigration agenda took another hit when a federal judge blocked his administration from withholding federal funding for sanctuary cities.

One of Trump's earliest executive orders was an executive threat against cities that don’t cooperate with his immigration enforcement.

San Francisco sued the administration, calling Trump's order unconstitutional.

The judge disagrees but finds that affected cities could face immediate irreparable harm if the policy is allowed.

"Simply threatening to take away millions in federal funds will cause budget uncertainty," Judge William Orrick said.

San Francisco's city attorney still puts this in the win column.

"This is the reason we have courts to halt the overreach of a President and Attorney General who either don't understand the constitution or choose to ignore it,” Dan Herrera said.

Trump tweeted about the decision.

POTUS Tweet: “Both ridiculous rulings. See you in the supreme court!”

There is a question whether the latest ruling would actually affect holding of funds from cities due to already-existing law.  However, Trump's chief of staff Reince Priebus said the court is going bananas and vows to appeal.

The White House also issued a scathing statement accusing local officials in sanctuary cities of having the blood of dead Americans on their hands.

"Unconstitutional political threats against our cities cannot take away our rights and they certainly can't steal our tax dollars,"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

As we close in on Trump's first 100 days, he's eager to show action. Even with a republican controlled congress, this action is against him.

Seems #45 is still learning about victory and defeat!