Simon Says: Forget 100-day goals, here’s one rule to follow!

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HOUSTON-- President Trump is now dealing with the report cards for his “100 Day Action Plan.”

Yes, 100 days is a big deal in elementary school, but who came up with the idea that it was supposed to mean so much in politics?

You may have heard, Trump now thinks the milestone is ridiculous

Perhaps because he didn’t do everything he wanted, but many of us aren’t good at checking the goal box either.

Some goals will never happen.

Sorry, Vin Diesel, you’re never getting an Oscar

We’re awful at achieving goals that make us better.

Like less smoking, less drinking and less fast food. A recent story on saID 92 percent of you don’t finish what you start.

My advice for the 92 percent and President Trump, Stay away from the 100 day goals.

From now on focus on one day at a time.

Imagine if you got up each morning and did one good thing.

There’s room for improvement, more than half of you can’t go 10 minutes without lying

Some of you can’t go a day without bullying someone. More than the 3 million kids who are targeted each year, know what I‘m talking about

Many of you are not as charitable as you could be

These are easy goals, so stop with the long term, especially those of you in your first term.