Critter News: Goats, beaver’s, geese oh my!

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HAMILTON, Canada - This may sound like a tall tale, but actually it was a fat one or rather, the whole rear-end that kept this beaver grounded when he got stuck in this Canada fence.

Looks like he had a little too much bark for lunch.

Fortunately he was rescued with some soapy water to squeeze out of there.

A city manager from animal services said "We believe no beaver should be left behind."

This little guy is doing much better, recovering from his ordeal at an animal refuge until he can be returned to the wild.

Yep, that's one eager beaver.

Meanwhile, a family of Canadian geese in California also needed the long arm of the law.

The California Highway Patrol swooped in to give a police escort to these feathered friends crossing the street.

They shut down the entire intersection for this little family and in Oakland another police escort was needed on the freeway.

California fire officials are turning to a new secret weapon against wildfires.


Officials say they're natural weed eaters and that helps prevent quick-burning weeds from growing.

"It's more environmentally safe," Daron Wyatt from the Anaheim Fire Department said. "It keeps the ecosystem in place, and what they do is they strip the landscape of the invasive plants and then allow the native plants to grow more fruitfully."

Now that's one way to really get your goat.

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