NewsFix in Space: Saturn’s rings, space junk, snow cone planet

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OUTER SPACE - Today's adventure takes us into orbit around the earth where some space junk is really cluttering up our galaxy.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said so many satellites launched over the past 60 years have led to tons of space junk.

"We have generated a global problem that can only be solved on a global scale," Holger Krag, head of ESA space debris office, said.

The ESA said we may need a giant vacuum cleaner to go scoop up all that junk or at least send it into a graveyard orbit.

Meanwhile, over on Saturn what's in orbit isn't junk, it's funk.

Thanks to the Cassini spacecraft, we're getting down to a never-before-seen look around the rings.

Space food is also the reage this week.

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough captured video of himself trying to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while it floated away and a giant ice ball the size of earth was captured.

NASA says it's too cold to support any kind of life but probably great for snow cones

Until next time, keep watching the skies and keep watching NewsFix in space.

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