Concussion rehab tool proving to be powerful way to train your brain

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HOUSTON - Whether you're an athlete or not life is full of hard knocks.

Now there's a way that athletes and even civilians suffering from head trauma can recover faster.

"It's a very, very widely used, very, very powerful tool," Adrienne Langelier, Director of Sports Psychology at 1P 4:10 Sports said.

It's called Dynavision, which athletes can use to help prevent or recover from concussions.

"They kind of have a scrambled brain if they come in concussed," Langelier said. "Our job is to help them unscramble it using technology."

"That is one of the newest pieces to our arsenal in order to help make these athletes better, stronger, faster, healthier and most importantly, keeping them as injury-free as possible," Langelier said.

There's also a sports training program that's a little like going to the school of preventing hard knocks.

"The program I'm administering right now with Robert is called Don't Touch Green, Langelier said. "So, it is as simple as the title indicates. He is to only hit the red lights and skip over the green. A lot of baseball players, volleyball players, those who need to be able to determine and make a quick decision, this program is great for that."

Many pro athletes including former Baylor QB Robert Griffin III are very high on the Dynavision tool.

Athletes can immediately see real results after training with it.

"You want to be a better athlete you have to train your mind as much as you have to learn how to take care of your body," Langelier said.

Thanks to Dynavision you can do all that and much more.

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