Study suggests beer better pain reliever than acetaminophen

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LONDON - Leave it to the Brits to find another reason to grab a pint.

Researchers from the University of Greenwich found that two pints of beer are better for pain relief than acetaminophen.

The science nerds found that a blood alcohol of around .08 percent produces a small elevation of pain threshold and a moderate to large reduction in pain intensity ratings.

Pain is mostly all relative.

The most common way of measuring it is asking the afflicted to rate it on a scale of zero to ten.

Published in The Journal of Pain, researchers reviewed 18 studies involving 404 participants who were experiencing chronic pain.

Now they just need to figure out if pain reduction is due to alcohol’s lowering the anxiety of pain thereby reducing the perception of discomfort, or if it numbs the sensation of pain by affecting the brain receptors.

Researchers also compared alcohol’s effects to opioids, which the world over is learning can come with some pretty nasty side effects.

Then again, drinking too much comes with it’s own side effects.

So with all things, moderation is best but sometimes that pain is telling you there’s a problem.

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