Youtube prankster parents lose custody of their two kids

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DAMASCUS, Md.-- Youtube pranksters are in the hot seat after a viral video went too far.

The founders of Youtube account Daddyofive, Mike and Heather Martin, have garnered millions of views by pulling pranks on their own kids.

Now, authorities have placed two of their children with the kids' biological mother after abuse allegations.

One prank, in particular, involves Heather Martin staging a scene that looks as if ink has been spilled on a bedroom carpet. She and the father scream at their children, demanding to know what the kids did. The children are pushed to tears until the parents admit it's a joke.

The parents have been criticized in the past for their pranks but they posted videos of their kids who said that they they were not traumatized.

The video the youngest son Cody, can be seen shouting "I hate you," and asking, "so you made me go through all this for a stupid prank?"

A petition circulated online calling for Child Protective Services to get involved.

Daddyofive's Youtube account is now barren.

All pranks have been removed and the only video you'll find is an apology from the couple, which said, "We realize that we have made some terrible parenting decisions and we just want to make things right."

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