Dumbass of the Day: Guy busted for DWI after crashing his car while wearing ‘This Guy Needs A Beer’ t-shirt

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ALLIANCE, Ohio - Some folks are just naturally dumb, but that doesn't mean they should go around and advertise it!

Well, leave it to this guy-- Jeremy Dean-- in Ohio to get busted for being drunk after crashing his car into another vehicle....all while wearing a t-shirt that says......"This guy needs a beer."

Eventually, Dean came clean and confessed to the cops.

"Only two beers? Is that beers or kegs? I don't believe you," an officer asked.

"I only had two beers," Dean assured the officer.

Yeah, but when it came time for a sobriety test, Dean could barely see straight, much less walk a straight line.

Well, he tried to, but instead he walked right into jail where a blood test showed his blood-alcohol content was four times the legal limit!

All things considered, cops say Dean is lucky he didn't hurt himself or kill somebody.

"A couple of beers slows down your reaction time," the Alliance Police Department's Sgt. Michael Yarian cautioned. "Four times the legal limit is going to slow it down even more. By the time you know, if he gets into a crash, by the time he applies the brakes, he's already crashed into another car."

Now 37-year-old Dean faces charges of DWI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Way to go, dude!

You just crossed the line to become our "Dumbass of the Day!"