Governor Abbott is getting ready to sign a bill against sanctuary cities in Texas

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AUSTIN - Texas Governor Greg Abbot says he is warming up his signing pen after a bill to ban sanctuary cities in Texas passed its last legislative hurdle.

Now, the controversial Senate Bill Four, nicknamed the "show me your papers" law, heads to the governor's office for approval.

So, what would the proposal in question do?

Basically, it gives law enforcement the power to question people's immigration status if they get detained for any reason. It would exempt police at healthcare facilities and mental health centers.

Even police on college campuses would be allowed to question a student's status.

Also, if federal immigration agents ask a police or sheriff to hold a suspect, they would now be required to by law.

Republicans believe it is a huge win for Texas. They believe many illegal immigrants are dangerous to the communities because, at times, criminals have been released back into the streets.

Democrats, and others opposed to the bill, believe it is going to lead to racial profiling of the innocent majority. They say it could affect police-community relationships and break apart families.

It is no question the bill is sending chills down immigrant communities' spines; many who are already living in constant fear with the new administration's policies.

After the governor puts his signature of approval on the bill, Democrats are vowing to immediately file a challenge to SB4.

Another day, another controversial battle left for the courts to decide.