Yes, an Australian politician ended up in the ER while watching Veep and eating sushi

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Can you think of anything less injury-prone than a relaxing night in, and eating Japanese takeout while watching a good TV series?

Well think again, because an Australian politician ended up in the hospital with stitches and a black eye doing just this.

No, this is not a joke.

According to The Australian, Graham Perret, a parliamentarian from Queensland started choking on a sushi roll while laughing uncontrollably at the political series, Veep.

While choking his laughs away, he stumbled, hitting his head on the kitchen cabinet and knocking himself unconscious.

Perret's wife found him on the floor, bloody and down for the count.

Believe it or not, he says when he quickly came back into consciousness he was still laughing at the Veep episode.

Timothy Simons, who plays Jonah, one of the show's main characters was dying on Twitter.

But the show's protagonist, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was having a hard time believing it all.

Judging by the tweets, Australian politician seems to be loving Season 6.

Oh my wasabi! Note to self: be careful if one chooses to Netflix & Chill with sushi and a funny TV show.

All it takes for a trip to the ER is some rice going down the wrong way!