The majority of the world is letting out a sigh of relief France’s election outcome

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FRANCE - Although many people might not keep up to speed with international politics, the 2017 French presidential election was a head turner.

Finally the results are in and Emmanuel Macron an independent centrist is set to be the new president of France.

A spokesperson for the president-elect told CNN "his team feels delighted, a sense of achievement, but also the sense of responsibility. This is the beginning of everything. We have the responsibility to reunite French people."

According to French polling institutes, Macron won by a landslide.

He beat his opponent, Marine Le Pen, by a two to one margin despite a massive hack on his campaign which many suspect was carried out by the Russians, who favored Le Pen.

So, who is the new French prez?

The young, 39-year-old has never held political office and is a self-made multimillionaire investment banker.

Macron is pro-business, supports free trade and believes in creating a stronger European Union.


Macron's opponent Le Pen was a far-right candidate against the ideals of globalization who wanted to drastically limit immigration.

Many criticized her of promoting a xenophobic message.

The 48-year-old candidate was hoping to follow in Brexit's footsteps and leave the European Union.

How does this side of the pond feel about Macron's win?

Former President Barack Obama is likely happy with the results.

The 44th president openly endorsed Macron in a video, which many called an effort to stop Trumpism.

Although he never actually endorsed her, President Donald Trump suggested he favored Le Pen over Macron.

Looks like the future of France is decided and it is going to be led by more liberal, unifying values.


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