Caught On Camera: Nine-year-old girl attacked and bitten by kangaroo

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.-- An attack at an Alabama wildlife park has left a young girl scarred for life.

Cheyenne White, 9, and her little sister, 2,  were visiting a kangaroo site at the wildlife park when a kangaroo attacked and bit White on the head.

The video captured by White's mother, Jennifer White shows the horrific attack.

"You blame yourself sometimes, like, '"Why did I take her to the park that day"'? '"Why did I take her to see the kangaroo?'" Jennifer said.

According to her mother, White was rushed to the hospital and needed 14 stitches on her head from the kangaroo bite.

"I'm just glad it got me instead of my baby sister because it would have hurt her even worse," White said.

The family says the animal was gentle at first.

"It was really cute because she would walk one way, and it would follow her," Jennifer White said.


So far, the park has not commented on the attack but they did point out there are warning signs about the animals posted around the park including one at the kangaroo site that says, "I bite."

Jennifer blamed the parks faulty enclosure for the attack.

"I don't want it to happen to someone else's kid because they may not be as fortunate as my daughter was," Jennifer said.