Colleges offering Play-Doh, coloring books, yoga, therapy animals to de-stress students for finals

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HOUSTON - In the college world, there are few things quite as stressful as final exam week.

So now some colleges and universities are going to great lengths to de-stress their students.

Schools are resorting to Play-Doh and play time for students with some schools even offering coloring time on campus.

As one tweet put it,

"The University of Missouri's 'transformation into an adult day care begins."

In Montana they even brought in a 900-pound donkey named Oliver.

"I do think it's a good idea for students to come together and be communal and what not," U of H student Robert Nickerson said.

"I'd rather have puppies than anything else to be honest with you," another student said. "Puppies are awesome."

"You know, we're here to learn so why not learn how to deal with stress?" student Andrew Nalley said.

The University of Houston has also added yoga to relieve students.

"It just helps get your mind off things and reset everything and get your body relaxed," Nickerson said. "That's super important, especially if people are sleepless and stressed out."

Guess we all could use a little stress-relief but come on people, do you really need a donkey?