Reasons behind death of 3-foot-long bunny on United flight more tragic than you think

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DES MOINES, IA - 2017 will officially go down as the year United Airlines lost its wings.

Remember the death of Simon, the giant rabbit, who died while under the care of the airline?

Well, according to USA Today, a Des Moines attorney said Simon was mistakenly put in a freezer where he froze to death.

One United employee said, the giant bunny may have spent an accidental sixteen hours in refrigeration before he was found dead.

The three-foot-long giant bunny was expected to outgrow his celebrity father, Darius and take the title of the world's largest bunny.

Simon was flying from London to Chicago when he mysteriously fell dead.

His breeder said he was fit as a fiddle before boarding the flight.

To make matters worse, the attorney said United cremated the giant bunny shortly after his death. If true, they essentially burned any clues an autopsy would have been able to trace back to the cause of his death.

United claims it's all a lie.

In a statement, a spokesman for United said "the assertion that Simon died in a freezer is false. He was cared for by the United Petsafe Kennel facility which is kept at room temperature."

According to the attorney, the continental giant rabbit was bought by a group in Iowa. The group was hoping Simon would win the Iowa State Fair's largest rabbit contest in August.

The world may never know how the bunny died, but the loss continues to be felt by all of those involved.