New Texas Senate bill could ban transgender students from high school athletics

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AUSTIN, Texas-- Recently a transgender teen from Euless, Texas, won the University Interscholastic League's female regional championship after an undefeated season.

Trinity High School wrestler Mack Beggs was taking hormones to transition into a male when he had to compete against girls due to UIL rules.

Now, a new senate bill might not allow teens like him to compete in high school sporting events at all.

The Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 2095, which would disqualify students from using steroids.

This includes students like Beggs who are going through hormone replacement therapy in order to transition.

According to the bill's author, Senator Bob Hall, the bill was created for the fairness and safety of students, he argues the presence of steroids in high school athletics can create an unsafe environment.

Meanwhile, democratic opposition believes the bill is just a way to ban transgender students from competing in high school athletics.

The UIL already bans steroid use but there is a safe harbor provision which allows anyone with a valid medical prescription to participate.

With the new bill, students using the provision would have to hand over their medical records to the UIL.

Before the bill is sent over to the house it still needs to pass the final round of approval.

So, is this an attack against students like Beggs?

Or is this fair play to ensure student safety?

Our leaders will decide soon enough.