NewsFix in Space: Secret mini-shuttle lands in Florida, California wants to tax space travel, fitness in space

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TITUSVILLE, Fla - Today's adventure takes us to earth where a flying object from outer space has landed.

It was a smooth landing at kennedy space center for the mini-shuttle x-37-b. "X" stands for experimental aircraft and this un-manned one just returned from a record-setting two years in orbit.

Some say it can repair and maintain satellites and who knows what else. The Air Force said it plans to launch a fifth test mission of this shuttlecraft later this year.

The Air Force definitely won't be launching its test missile from California. The golden state wants to tax by the mile any future commercial space trips launched.

The more times a company launches out of California, the less tax they have to pay.

Paying all those taxes will be sure to leave a few lean pockets.

Maybe the new discovery made by Kansas State University will help keep the Astronauts minds off of all those taxes.

"If a crew member falls and can't get up, they've got to have the exercise capacity to perform life-saving maneuvers and drag them back to the capsule,"  Kansas state university assistant professor said.

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