Simon Says: Aches on a plane! I figured out why there’s fights on your flight.

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Going away this weekend?

The way things are going, you may want to stay away from “da plane!”
Yeah, it’s becoming “da-moralizing.”

It feels like we're seeing more fights in the air lately. We’re getting nuts and watching people go nuts!
If you were by the ticket counter in Ft. Lauderdale recently, you could have counted the people getting arrested.

Why now?

Part of it is easy to figure out.   The whole experience just sucks.  Deregulation means there are fewer airlines than years ago, which means fewer options, which means we pay for baggage fees and smaller seats and have to like it.

Here’s the other reason why fists are flying when you fly: so many people are acting like a donkey’s backside. People are losing their %#$% for nothing.

We see it all the time on social media. From political rallies, stadiums, and the mall, it’s like the “public brawl” is no big deal anymore.

So don’t you think the behavior you see social media feeds the behavior of the guy next to you on a plane?

We’re a copy-cat country and it's getting old!

However; there is something positive about your next trip. The last time a major airline crashed in this country, “Sully” was the pilot.

Think about it, it’s been nearly eight years since someone died like this.
Flying is safer now than it’s ever been. Well, expect when you talk to someone or your flight gets canceled!

So chill out everyone!

Take a deep breath before you lose it. It’s the best advice to help you literally clear the air.