Top 10 most crime-free cities in Texas— one Greater Houston area made it!

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HOUSTON — We’ve all heard the motto: Everything is bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, sometimes the slogan seems to also reference the crime rates in some of our neighborhoods.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security has released a list of the safest cities in Texas. While most of the cities are about four hours away from Houston, you won’t have to leave our great state to find a safe place to settle down.

But, of course, we’d hate to see you leave H-town!

  1. Kermit [About 8 hours west of Houston — just on the border of Texas and New Mexico]
  2. Trophy Club [About 4 hours northwest of Houston]
  3. Colleyville [About 4 hours northwest of Houston — just outside Dallas]
  4. Fairview [About 4 hours north of Houston]
  5. Heath [A little under 4 hours north of Houston — just outside Dallas]
  6. Lakeview, Harrison County [Almost 8 hours northwest of Houston — a few miles outside Amarillo] 
  7. Murphy [About 4 hours north of Houston — just outside Dallas]
  8. Fair Oaks Ranch [About 3.5 hours west of Houston — just outside San Antonio]
  9. Memorial Villages [Yippie! It’s in Houston]
  10. Flower Mound [About 4 hours north in Houston — just outside of Dallas]

Researchers identified these cities through reviewing the most recent FBI Uniform Crime reports along with the organization’s own population data and findings. The report showed violent crimes accounted for 70% of crimes included in the survey, and property crimes accounted for 30%.

The list does not included cities that failed to submit a complete FBI crime report or those with populations less than 5,000 residents, the organization said.

The cities were ranked based on the number of reported various crimes including aggravated assault, murder, rape, robbery, burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft. The organization further evaluated the crimes with consideration to severity.

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