NewsFix tracks sex trafficking in Houston with Crime Watch Daily

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HOUSTON - Earlier this year, NewsFix shined a light on victims and activists fighting against Houston’s sex trafficking epidemic.

Crime Watch Daily held a television special focusing on sex trafficking problems across America.

NewsFix went along for the ride.

First stop, a tour of sex trafficking hot spots with Elijah Rising led by Cat French.

She's a modern-day abolitionist and former sociology professor, who has taken her passion for ministry and outreach to help former women prostitutes and children on the offensive.

“Looking at these places tends to make them scatter but there's other places that come up in their place,” said French.

And the pervs looking for underage sexual encounters know just where to go thanks to websites that pop up as fast as law enforcement can take 'em down.

“They have ratings, like yelp' butt to 'they tell who was willing to do what with a condom, without a condom, who`s willing to kiss on the mouth,” said French.

Next stop, a shuttered cantina, where French said, john's would shop inside for what they want, then take their human purchase out the back door through the fence into a residential area where bad things happened.

A discarded pair of pink panties near the dumpster serve as a reminder of what might have happened here.

French said the spot has been busted once already.

We also met Rebecca Bender, a former sex trafficking victim turned advocate fighting against exploitation across the country.

“Our primary place was Las Vegas but I was sold in Dallas, Texas. I was trafficked all over the US… I was forced to walk the track, I was forced into trafficking through strip clubs, I was sold on the internet, I was sold through escort serviceS,” Bender said.

Rebecca volunteers to walk the track of Bissonnet between Highway 59 and Beltway 8 to show just how alive the sex industry in Houston really is. In under a minute, she's approached multiple times.

To learn more, you can take the tour with her to see for yourself. “Come to Elijah Rising 5818 Southwest Freeway, we will bring you in the room for a briefing, go hop on the van, go drive you around to where all this is happening,” French says.