Eating dessert together could make families stronger

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GLASSHOUGHTON, England- Our love for dessert runs deep.

From birthdays to weddings, the most special moments of our lives are celebrated with sweets.

As if we need another reason to scarf down sugary treats, a new study claims that dessert may actually influence a family's dynamic.

According to a study by Coppenrath and Wiese, eating sweets with family members helps form stronger family bonds and memories.

65 percent of people surveyed said eating dessert with family made them happier. And 30 percent, said eating dessert together induces lighthearted conversation.

....but it's not just eating.

Watching grandma bake her delicious homemade cookies or helping mom decorate fun fluffy cupcakes can also make an impact.

Spending time in the kitchen with loved ones are memories that last a lifetime.

So, remember a spoonful of sugar just might keep your family together.