Saying yes to college: YES Prep Senior Signing Day lets students show school pride

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HOUSTON - Nearly 800 YES Prep Public Schools seniors participated in a signing day ceremony at Toyota Center Wednesday morning. The college-bound students had the chance to go on stage and announce where they'll be advancing their education.

"At Yes Prep Public Schools, we say that 'all means all,' meaning every single student should have an opportunity to have an excellent education and go to college," said Chief Program Officer Nella Garcia Urban of YES Prep Public Schools.

On Senior Signing Day, all students from YES Prep Public Schools attend as a way to inspire future seniors.

"I've been coming to this event since I was really little, and I've been able to see the seniors announce," said Marissa Rivera, a YES Prep-East End senior who will attend Yale University. "It was so cool, and now it's actually me! That's really exciting."

YES Prep Public School is an open-enrollment charter school system in Houston with 16 institutions and serving more than 11,600 students in grades 6-12.