New self defense program proves to be huge success

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High Intensity Interval Training and RUN is quickly becoming the new self defense program in Houston.

Dr. Katarina Terzic Conrad is the co-owner of Pearland's Eternal Martial Arts School and the creator of the HIIT and RUN work program. Dr. Conrad is a black belt and holds three National Championship Taekwondo titles.

Conrad, a full time mother, wife and successful business owner grew up in poverty-stricken Yugoslavia.

At seventeen Conrad arrived in the U.S. after fleeing from the war, with no money or knowledge of America.


Conrad is now on a mission to help share what she's learned to help protect others.

The students couldn't be happier with the HIIT and Run program and training doesn't just stop at the gym. HIIT and RUN introduces students to lifestyle changes as well as self protection training that can benefit their entire family.

Conrad's mind, body and lifestyle approach really hits the mark.