Stampede Houston host honky tonk dance off to break world record

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HOUSTON-- Stampede Houston hosted the Honky Tonk Dance Contest in hopes of setting a New World Record for the longest dancing couple.

According to Guinness World Records thirty-eight hours and thirty minutes, is the time to beat, placed by a couple in Hawaii.

37 couples battled for more than thirty hours to be the last couple dancing.

Not only will the winning couple hold the title in the Guinness World Record Book, but they will also receive front row tickets to see George Strait live in Las Vegas.

The last dancing couple Jesus Valtieria and Crystal Valdez was excited to dance for a cause.

Proceeds from the Dance Contest will be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Foundation to raise money for a cure.

As they continue to strut their stuff to set a record, this couple should take a bow for their efforts.

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