Troops take over Houston for the 11th annual Warrior’s Weekend

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HOUSTON - Porter High School students, area law enforcement, veterans and more gathered at George Bush Intercontinental to welcome wounded warriors to Houston for the eleventh annual 'warrior weekend.'

“I think it's a great opportunity to remember them and just to thank them,” said Cecilia Dingler.

Troops will get to enjoy a weekend of fishing with their families.

“It's an awesome experience and it does help you in the long run, because then you make new friends and you can always talk to new people,” says Hansen

The troops really appreciate the show of support and the time this weekend to be around and just talk to folks that understand each other.

“Tonight we go to the field of honor, which is where they put a flag out for all the soldiers, deceased and the living ones here," said Michael Hansen. "Tomorrow we go fishing and then just kinda hang out with all the rest of the veterans and talk a lot and eat a lot. They feed you well.”

Thank you all for your service and may this weekend bring some even better connections.