Arlington teens trapped on Six Flags ride for hours

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DALLAS — Eight high school seniors were rescued Friday night after spending several hours trapped on the new 'Joker' ride at the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park in Arlington, according to CW39-affiliate CW33.

At the top of the free-falling rollercoaster, one cart came to a stop. And to make matters worse, the malfunction happened during a thunderstorm. The students were stuck in their seats, high above the crowd, for more than 3 hours while lightning rolled above.

The Arlington Fire Department and park workers were able to get the students down without any injuries.

The park's been pushing Saturday as Joker's official first flight, but Six Flags Senior Nite got a sneak peek they won't soon forget.


Six Flags Spokesman Sharon Parker released a statement Saturday saying:

The safety of our guests is our highest priority. Our maintenance and safety teams worked with the Arlington Fire Department to unload 8 guests from the ride. Our engineers are currently conducting a thorough inspection to determine what triggered the ride to stop. A determination of when the ride will open will be made once the safety check is complete.