Billy Bush breaks silence about Access Hollywood tape from last year’s election

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LOS ANGELES — After a lot of soul searching, yoga, meditation and going on a spiritual retreat, Bush says he's ready to work on TV again.

Bush said he watched a real-time train wreck crash his career when an Access Hollywood video from 2005 was leaked during last year's election.

Trump can be heard using vulgar language about how to treat women. Bush said he would love to go back in time and change the subject that Trump dismissed as so-called locker room banter.

Bush disagrees with that explanation.

Over 7 months have passed and Bush admits although he knew the tape existed, he never thought it would see the light of day.

He's still surprised by the media firestorm after it went public and feels that he got a raw deal as a result of the fallout.

Bush says he thought he could survive the scandal.

"The irony is glaring that Trump became the leader of the free world and I was fired," Bush said.