Did Melania Trump smack Donald’s hand away at Israeli Airport?

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HOUSTON — The president’s latest overseas visit proves — without the slightest bit of doubt — sometimes internet folk have misguided priorities.

President Donald Trump was joined by his wife Monday morning during a trip to Israel for a meeting with the country’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But just moments after the couple’s feet touched the ground in Tel Aviv, the internet was already cranking out harsh comments about the president’s visit.

And memes.

Did Melania Trump just shut down the president over an attempted hand-holding? Because some of us are still trying to figure it out. Twitter is buzzing about whether the first lady swatted her husband’s hand away when he reached for her…or if it was just an innocent missed connection. Don’t act like you’ve never had a failed high-five or missed hand grab— it’s possible!

Unfortunately, whether or not there was ‘turbulence’ on Air Force One, the vultures are diving in and dining on this 2-second moment. The most popular comments have been a combination of ruthless, sympathetic and supportive of the president.

It’s the internet— what can you do? Can’t just grab a magical orb and wish it all will change.