NewsFix in Space: Alien mega structure, Solar System vacation guide, NASA responds to Trump

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OUTER SPACE-- Get your doomsday bunkers ready because there's some pretty sketchy stuff going on in the great beyond.

Remember that mysterious star that might be orbited by an alien mega structure? Well, something is messing with the star's light.

The star, known as Tabby Star, has been dimming and scientists are baffled.

The star has dimmed more in the past three days than it has in the past three years and as stargazers aim their telescopes at this sketchy star, astronomers worldwide have been freaking out on Twitter.

One theory is that an alien structure, referred to as a dyson sphere is pulling energy from the nearby star and blocking the amount of light emitted.

If you need to find away to meet our neighbors in the sky, a new book, The Vacation Guide to the Solar System, shows explorers what off-planet vacations might look like in the future.

Forget Europe! Imagine skydiving for dozens of miles through the skies of Saturn or vacationing in floating cities nestled in the clouds of Venus.

Although it's fun to imagine a day when we can just shoot off to space, that day is still in the distant future, according to NASA.

NASA recently responded to president Trump’s request to send humans into space during his first term.

The 2019 launch of the Orion spacecraft known as Exploration Mission 1, or EM-1, was planned as an unmanned mission around the moon and back.

Despite Trump’s request, NASA said it will remain astronaut free.

According to NASA, it would cost between $600 million to $900 million to send two astronauts cruising to the moon.

After discussions with the White House, NASA's Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot made the statement, “that the baseline plan we had in place was the best way for us to go”.

Sounds like Trump just realized how much moola a joyride to the moon costs!