Stafford residents suspect tornado hit area, causing major damage

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STAFFORD, Texas - Stafford residents are puzzled after a so-called wind storm swept through the town Monday.

Dawn Rodriguez of the Rodriguez Construction Group, never saw a twister, but can't imagine what else could have caused such monumental damage in a matter of minutes.

Mangled metal, twisted steel, piles of debris and mere scraps are all that's left of her storage warehouse.

"We've been on this property for 30 years and we've never seen anything like this before," Rodriguez said. "In my opinion, yes, it's a tornado. The way the trees area popped in half around here and just how this ended up over here versus where it should have been."

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the early morning downpour. But the Rodriguez Construction Group lost power, and trees snapped like toothpicks to block intersections and streets throughout Fort Bend County. In addition to massive wind toppling trees on rooftops and cars, and knocking over fences, residents also reported hail.

Ironically, the Rodriguez Construction Group put up their metal structure two years ago to protect their equipment from the wind and rain. Instead, it crumpled like paper.

In Stafford, it's taking much longer to clean everything up than it did to knock everything down.

Rodriguez expects the damage to exceed $25,000.

The storm also wreaked havoc for early morning commuters throughout Houston.

Don't put up those umbrellas just yet! The National Weather Service predicts a cold front will move in Tuesday, which could bring another round of scattered showers.