Tom Hanks calls out New York parking offender on Twitter

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NEW YORK — It would seem Oscar-award winning actor Tom Hanks took on a new role over the weekend: street patroler.

‘The Circle’ star took a few minutes to call out vehicle with a handful of parking tickets stuffed under the windshield wiper— bring the car to the attention of the New York Police Department.

“Sir? Move. Your. Car! Hanx,” Hanks tweeted Saturday morning.

Within two hours, NYPD Assistant Commissioner for Communication and Public Information Peter Donald responded to actor’s tweet.

“Can you tell us where the car is parked? Thanks for the flag,” Donald tweeted.

NYPD officers went to check out the car and found all the tickets had been paid and the car had been moved.

It isn’t the first time the actor has gotten involved locally. In 2015, he found a Fordham University student’s ID card and posted a photo of it on Twitter, hoping to reunite the card with its owner.

“Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get you. Hanx,” he tweeted.