Boy calls 911 on dad for drugs

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LAWRENCE, Mass.-- As a parent, you want your kids to know how to dial 911, in case of an emergency. What you don't want is your child calling 911 on you!

An 11-year-old boy in Massachusetts is being called a hero after turning in his own father for selling drugs. Yamil Mercado is charged with child endangerment, not to mention the $8500 worth of heroin and Fentanyl.

Mercado's son saw the narcotics in his dad's luggage but knew to stay away and call cops.

Mercado has been arrested with drugs before during a sting operation and it's not the first time the child has dialed the cops on daddy.

Last year, the boy called child services to report Mercado had drugs then, too, but police never found any.

Thankfully, that didn't discourage the boy to make the same call this week.

Mercado and his son just moved in with the boy's grandmother after being evicted and facing a contested divorce.