Landlord sues potential tenants over emoji text— and wins! 

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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — In this hard-knock dating world, many of us know the feeling of getting ghosted by someone we were involved with. But how many times does ghosting someone involve a landlord, a potential tenant, and a lawsuit over emojis?

According to a ruling in a small claims court in Israel, a couple in Tel Aviv is having to pay $2,200 for an apartment they never lived in.

After thinking he had found tenants to rent out his place, a Tel Aviv landlord deleted an online ad meant for finding new tenants.

The landlord says he had been messaging a couple about the apartment. After several days of chatting, the couple sent a text message that made it seem like they were all in.

In English, the text reads: "Good Morning, we want the house. Just need to go over the details, when suits you?"

The text was complete with dancing, champagne, and smiley emojis.

Upon trying to set up a meeting with the couple, the landlord says it was radio silence. Alas! When he did not hear from the couple, he decided to sue them.

Sure enough, the couple did not get away with ghosting the property owner.

So, what was the judge's reasoning for siding with the landlord? He says certain emojis in the text were insinuating the couple was ready to make the move.

According to his ruling, the "icons convey great optimism" and the images are misleading.

Darn, emojis are becoming their own language! So one better get on the same page...or this will not be the last emoji lawsuit.