Police: Drunken man rides on trunk of unsuspecting couple’s car for nearly 14 miles

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MEMPHIS — We've all heard of having too much 'junk' in the trunk, but one Memphis man is being accused of being 'drunk' on a trunk.

According to authorities, a couple drove off from downtown Memphis with absolutely no idea a stranger was completely passed out on the top of the car's trunk.

"We came down the aisle, walked right to the car, opened it up on both sides," Webb said. "Hazel and I got into the car."

The couple then got onto the interstate driving about 65 mph, completely unaware of the guy asleep on the 14-inch wide trunk.

"There is no way to describe it," car owner Carl Webb said. "It's unbelievable."

The couple drove for 14 miles until a cop finally pulled them over.

"The officer came up and he said, 'Mister, are you aware there's a body on your trunk?'" Webb said. "That did not register. He goes, 'Mister, I'm not messing with you. There's a body on your trunk.' So I got out. We walked around and sure enough there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there."

It's still unclear how the guy got there in the first place.

"I have no explanation other than that little lip right there saved his life," Webb said.

Webb said the man was so drunk he started to stagger into traffic after an officer woke him up and then pulled him away from oncoming cars.

Police took the guy into custody, but there's no word on any charges he might face.

As Webb put it, "I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself, and the hazard that he had open up to himself."

Amen to that.