Operation Finally Home: Local wounded warrior receives 6-bedroom home in honor of Memorial Day

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By: Natalie Hee

HOUSTON -- It was an emotional day for US army veteran Cliff Betcher as he stepped inside his new home for the first time.

"Words can’t even explain how I feel right now. We’ve always dreamed of owning a home," Betcher said.

On Friday, Cliff, his wife and their 7-year-old son, Grayson, got the keys to their new home in Cypress thanks to non-profit, Operation Finally Home, which provides custom-built, mortgage-free homes to US military veterans and their families.

The Betchers were first surprised by the announcement at a Texans playoff game in January.

"We expected something little. I asked for two bedrooms and we got six! I never in my life would've dreamed of something like this. It's something we literally would never have been able to afford," Wynne Betcher said.

Betcher served in Iraq as an army sergeant for 15 months. Six months after his deployment, Betcher's convoy was attacked.

"We’ve had real hard times, me being with PTSD, not being able to work, traumatic brain injury, making sure we pay all the bills. It's been really tough," Betcher said.

But this Memorial Day marks a new chapter for the Betchers.

"This is home. This is going to be home forever," Betcher said.