Texas senate passes bill to allow hunting of feral hogs and coyotes from hot air balloons

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AUSTIN, Texas-- Get ready to go hog wild over hot air balloons.

The Texas senate just passed a bill allowing hunters to go after feral hogs and coyotes while inside hot air balloons.

The bill's passage was cheered by Texas farmers.

Farmers claim the wild hogs cause millions of dollars worth of damage to crops every year, so they want hunters to help trim down the overpopulated hogs.

Texas already allows feral hogs to be hunted by helicopter, but that's expensive and the loud noise tends to scare off the animals. Plus, there's a perception that hot air balloons are safer than helicopters.

With balloons, hunters have a better chance of getting a clean shot from a stable platform.

The bill will also require the state to license hot air balloons.

Now that the bill goes to the governor's desk we'll see if this really becomes law or if it's just full of hot air!