Critter News: Zookeeper mauled by tiger, Shark hops in boat, drunken gator

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HAMERTON, England - It's been a terrifying time in the animal kingdom lately.

Beginning with the tragic death of a zookeeper in Great Britain.

A 33-year-old woman was mauled to death by a tiger according to British officials.

The Hamerton Zoo Park posted a Facebook message announcing the tragedy calling it "a freak accident."

Officials said a complete investigation is underway and they reassure everyone that no animals had escaped from their cages and the public was never in any danger.

As the investigation continues the zoo park is now closed.

Off the coast of Australia a fisherman from snagged the catch of his life when a massive Great White shark hopped into his boat.

The fisherman said the shark leaped into his boat hitting him on the arm.

He said the nine foot long shark thrashed around him wildly.

Back in the states summertime means 'gator time.'

Gators are popping up everywhere even in swimming pools.

An eight-foot-long alligator decided to take a Memorial Day dip in a family pool.

Wildlife officials called in a trapper to kick him out of the pool.

In other gator news, a couple of guys in South Carolina are in hot water for trying to get a gator drunk.

Police said the guys posted pics on Snapchat of them forcing the gator to drink some beer.

Now they face a harassment charge after claiming they set him free.

No wonder critters are in such an uproar.